To my friends in the United States

I know well that you are about to experience a very important moment in your history. I know well that you have doubts, that there are silent wars within you, and that many people are not convinced that they are proud to be Americans. I know well that you will rise or fall, and you know it too.

My heart is with you. One day we were allies, but later misunderstandings and ambition of war confronted us. But today we, Spain and the whole world, need more than ever that you continue to be America, the land of freedom and opportunity.

From Spain, the cradle of American civilization, mother and sister, I send my heartfelt greetings to all of you who love our common past and to all of you who dream of a better future. If it is with good literature, better.

Please, choose well. Be brave. Be free.

A hug from your brother,

Jaime Arias

Publicado por Somnia

Blog literario y magazine cultural

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